This blog was created for the research cruise to Petermann fjord which happened this August. Since the end of the cruise, we have been using it to talk about the work of the rest of the Marine Sciences team.

It is currently being written only by Céline Heuzé. She moved to Gothenburg a few months ago for a Marie Curie research fellowship between Gothenburg University and the University of Oxford (UK), working on the effect of Greenland melting on the ocean circulation. She is learning Swedish but does not speak it well enough to write full-length articles in it (yet).


Denna blogg är om Odens expedition till Petermannfjorden i augusti. Under expeditionen blid det att bloggas om den marina forskningen och arbetet i gruppen.

Den som skriver här heter Céline Heuzé. Hon har flyttat till Göteborg i Juli och arbetar som VINNOVA/Marie Curie post-doc på Göteborgs Universitet och University of Oxford (UK) med projektet “Kommer Grönlands smältande glaciärer att stoppa djupcirkulationen i Atlanten?”. Hon talar (mycket) lite svenska – hon kommer försöka att skriva på svenska… snart.

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