Post-cruise, pre-cruise

Here we are, finally safe and sound at home. Well, we’ve all been back for a week now, but personally I needed some time to recover from my Thule illness (my immune system could not cope with so many new people after 5 weeks in a closed, protected environment).

Anyway, when I left you, we were stuck in Thule, wondering what will happen. In the end, the Swedish Air Force came and rescued us. We enjoyed a fast flight to Kangerlussuaq on Friday, and an even faster one to Stockholm on Saturday. According to Sven, our helicopter pilot sitting next to me, we had some nice 50 knot-winds pushing us, which explains why we smashed the record and flew in just over 5h (duration estimates ranged anywhere between 6:30 and 12h the previous day). For both flights we enjoyed some onboard food service, great views, we were free to move around, and we could even go to the cockpit! So once again, I can only recommend Air Force flights!


Inside the cockpit - in real, the view over the clouds at sunset is simply stunning!

Inside the cockpit – in real, the view over the clouds at sunset is stunning!

Those of us whose journey continued after Stockholm, i.e. those going to Denmark, Kalmar or Göteborg, spent one last evening together before flying on Sunday morning. Special thanks to Jonas who woke me up on Sunday morning when my alarm decided it would rather ring on Monday…

Back home, I decided to check how the blog had been doing while I was away. And WOW! That figure woke me up! More than 1 000 views over August only!!! To whomever retweeted, shared on Facebook, advertised us, thank you so much! And a special thanks to Tom who actually did all the posting while I was internet-less on the ship.

Dear readers, thank you!

Dear readers, thank you!

Please keep reading us! Although I am back in the office (which is exciting as well, but on a different level), Ola and Clara are flying to Longyearbyen in Svalbard in a few days. They will be blogging here from I/B Oden about their expedition to the far North. More information about it coming soon!


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