More mud!

Here we are. Soon the anchor will be dropped, and the cruise will officially be over. It did feel pretty much over these last days anyway, especially once the packing was finished and all that was left to do was writing the cruise report and cleaning our cabin (I am unsure which one I liked least). But as everyone was available mostly at the same time, group activities could be organised.

First, we got muddy again, this time to do some sculpting. Every time the coring group processed their sample, they removed a bit of mud from it: to make it look better, or because the mud had been moved and could not be used reliably. And rather than throwing it overboard, they kept this mud for us to play with. So about a dozen of us gathered the other night, received a good dollop of mud, and were given half an hour to create something. Now, my excuse is that it was incredibly sticky mud, very hard to work with, hence why my “polar bear hunting a seal” looked like “a musk ox hit by a train”. Talking of musk ox, the land biology team won the first prize for their group effort of a musk ox head, pictured below:

Katrien’s lizard, Rezwan’s bear, and the winners’ mud musk ox

Katrien’s lizard, Rezwan’s bear, and the winners’ mud musk ox

Then this morning, while some were still recovering from the end-of-cruise dinner (or struck by sea sickness as the ship started rolling), others went to visit the engine rooms. I was one of these lucky few, thanks to last night’s 3h timezone change that made it possible for me to see the morning for the first time in a while. That visit was very instructive, but I am not really allowed to write anything precise about it. All I can say is that depending on which room we were in it was hot, and it was cold, and it was noisy and suddenly relatively quiet, and it did not smell too bad until we went to the room where all toilets end. And most of all, it was big!

For a sense of scale, Chris posing next to one big pump

For a sense of scale, Chris posing next to one big pump

Oh, and a good surprise: the chef just announced that he prepared a barbecue for us! My last night on board I/B Oden (for this season) is starting well!


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