Helicopter safety and CTD yoga

As we are gently steaming towards Petermann Fjord, everyone is getting prepared for their part of the work. The teams that are going to be deployed on land in particular have to undergo quite a few safety and emergency trainings, because we cannot be sure that the ship will be able to reach them quickly enough should anything happen. I was told to join the helicopter safety training by the helicopter pilot “because you never know, you might fly” (yes, I’m quite excited and want to fly with the helicopter now). Although that meeting involved us standing on the helicopter deck in the bitterly freezing wind for more than one hour, it also allowed me to get inside the helicopter!

Inside the helicopter

Inside the helicopter

Three things to remember: never let go of the liferaft, never ever walk at the back of the helicopter if you want to keep your head, and when in doubt keep hold of the brakes. Easy enough!






Meanwhile, when we were not too busy taking pictures of the ever changing icy seas, we prepared the CTD. None of us has ever done it before, so we were definitely not very efficient. In particular, the whole process would have been much easier had we decided to take the bottles off the frame first. Instead, as Jari and I are relatively flexible, we spent the last days squeezing into impossible positions to reach the central part and its plugs. A few bruises, cuts and days later, everything is in place and even seems to be working. But we won’t know for sure until we can deploy the CTD into the water in a few days.

Position 3: the cobra (picture by Jari)

Position 3: the cobra (picture by Jari)


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