Here we are! This is the final post about Petermann 2015 that is not from the cruise. Tomorrow morning, I finally fly to Copenhagen where I meet up with Jari and all the other people from Stockholm, and we fly to Kangerlussuaq!

Meanwhile, the ship twitted today that it has arrived to Thule, where we fly to on Wednesday:


That means that this week end was dedicated to packing and other last minute tasks. Packing was actually not too hard. After all, Oden is relatively luxurious. It has laundry rooms, so no need to pack clothes for the whole duration of the cruise, and a doctor and medicine cabinet, so no need to bring a month’s worth of ibuprofen and other everyday-life supply. Visiting it for mobilisation, I also saw it has a movie room and a library, so likewise I’ve only packed a few books. Most of the weight comes from tools and camera equipment basically.

But what is hard (to me) is getting prepared for a month without the internet. I am amazed at how highly dependent of the internet I have become. I cannot work without the internet: my data are online, I do my calculations on a supercalculator located elsewhere and I check information/formulae/citations online. I struggle to entertain myself without the internet: all of my music is on playlists online, I watch movies and other videos on demand, and even my Swedish learning software needs to be connected. Not to mention social media and mails to friends and family. Getting ready for an internetless month, downloading data and analysis softwares to hard-drives, selecting the physics book to take and arranging communication with relatives, is what kept me busiest this month. I thought it sounded fairly trivial, but it seems like “surviving” on zero-internet for a month is some kind of trendy experiment:

Seen today when googling "a month without the internet" to find a funny picture (not found)

Seen today while googling “a month without the internet”

Practically, what does this mean for this blog?
From Wednesday, I should in theory have no internet. However, we have some very limited email system. Hence I will remotely write here and post some highly-compressed pictures with some help from my assistant outside of the ship.
Then you can see where we are and what our ice conditions are using this link:
Finally, the other members of the expedition will be doing the same, so you can follow our general communication on Twitter using #Petermann15 , and see their respective blogs that are listed on the right of this page.

May the adventure begin!


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