Mobilisering Oden

First danger moment: the rosette dangling in the air

First danger moment: the rosette dangling in the air

On Monday, we loaded all our boxes, the rosette, and six lead weights (that is torture on a Monday morning!) in a truck and drove down to Landskrona. According to the internet, that is quite a pretty medieval town – shame that I only saw the shipyard! Anyway, we unloaded under a radiant sun and were allowed to step onboard to watch our equipment being lifted onto the ship. [Note on the picture, the man in blue: that is Andreas Muenchow from the University of Delaware. He will be doing the oceanography studies with me, so you will hear of him on that blog in the near-future.]

Then started a bizarre routine of having 2h of intense stressful work then a break. A real, “official” break where the whole crew stops working and meets in the dining area for breakfast, morning fika (coffee break with cake), lunch, afternoon fika, dinner and later on drinks. Despite forgetting to bring the toolbox -thank everyone else for allowing us to borrow yours!- we successfully unpacked our equipment, plugged it and got it to work. The crew helped us a lot, in particular Axel who will do the first casts with us at the beginning of the cruise and taught us how to control the winch and A-frame to put the rosette in the water. On Wednesday we re-packed the equipment that is not too complex to re-install, and secured everything: the ship has to cross the Atlantic in a month and will roll a lot!

All secured away from any potential flooding. Now, where is the sauna?

All secured away from any potential flooding. Now, where is the sauna?

Although we were busy with the preparation, these few days also allowed us to meet the crew and the other scientists that will be onboard this summer, as well as to visit the ship. I got quite excited by the lingonberry juice machine and the piano in the lounge! I’ve also noticed the small cinema, the electrical drum kit, the PS3 and its games, the library, the large gym and the two saunas… All in all, that should be a great cruise!

But for now, I am back in the UK trying to sort out my moving to Gothenburg, so you might not hear from me soon.


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